Monday, May 10, 2010

The Way I See It #3

I’ve never really subscribed to the notion that there is one person out there, made just for you, and that you must find this person in order to be happy. You may be thinking that I am a terribly jaded person, but hear me out. Love, to me, is about compromise. Love is caring so deeply for someone else that you see past their flaws. The beauty of love is in its unwavering forgiveness. The idea of having a ‘soul mate’ diminishes the power of love. If there is truly someone out there who is perfect for you, then you never have to make compromises, or learn to forgive. You will never grow as a person discovering how to love an individual despite his or her faults. No. Love is much more powerful and transformative than that. Love is caring so much for someone that you both grow together. You compromise, forgive, and laugh together. And though the two of you were not ‘made’ for each other in the beginning, through love, you are perfect for one another in the end.